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Diagnostic Call with a Dentist

At Whitening Ireland we are strong proponents of telemedicine-driven dentistry. As part of our commitment to providing affordable and trustworthy dental and teeth whitening advice, we have introduced diagnostic calls for every patient. We are eager to assist and address any questions you may have, and we look forward to being of service to you.

Whitening-Ireland-Diagnostic-Call with a Dentist
Dental Practise Support Whitening Ireland

Providing support to dentists in Ireland.

Every day, we are delighted to receive numerous inquiries from new patients inquiring about teeth fixing or whitening services. We take great joy in referring these patients to your practice because we hold a strong belief that the best results can be achieved through ongoing supervision from a qualified dentist.

PressDots® Teeth Shields

The whitening gel provided, is injected into each of the PressDots™. When the person uses their finger to ‘press’ the dots, this action coats the tooth-surfaces with whitening gel. 

PressDots® Teeth Shields

Teeth Shields with PressDots™  is a system of professional teeth whitening.  On the basis of upper & lower jaw moulds, the patient receives individually-made teeth shields.

Who Are We?

Whitening Ireland is B2B and B2C orientated enterprise, mutually benefiting participating partners. We are operating the network of participating Cosmetic/Beauty Salons, offering professional teeth whitening services directly in-store, at Cosmetic/Beauty Salons.